Finishing Move: FM8 Nouveau 80′s sound library

15 Sep

Finishing Move, the production collaboration between Trifonic’s Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White, has just released a synth preset library for FM8 via Samplephonics.

In the video below, Brian (Trifon) demos some of the presets from the Nouveau 80′s library, which can be adapted for electronic music, film and game scores, or modern 80s-inspired music like Chvrches and M83.

You can read more about the library and download it here.

Trifonic: Remixing The M Machine

26 Aug

The M Machine’s Metropolis Remixed record is out today, and we’re very excited that it includes a Trifonic remix of their track “Black”!

In this video, Brian discusses how he approached the remix to play to his creative strengths, and demonstrates a few of the techniques used to create the track.

Hecq Yes: Forging Music From Noise

18 Feb

Our pal Hecq – who has awesomely collaborated with Trifonic a few times – recently did a video with Ableton about his field recording and processes.

Definitely worth a view!

Trifonic: Adding Character to Digital Sounds

2 Dec

As a producer, one of the challenges of working with virtual instruments and digital recordings is that you often have to add character back to them to make your tracks sound right.

Digital sounds can be so clean that they lack warmth, depth, vibe, soul… whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is your recordings will fall flat without some work to add life into your tracks.

In this video, Brian demonstrates a couple techniques for overcoming this challenge using delay and vocal transformer plugins.

Trifonic: Ninth Wave “Producer’s Edition” Preview

12 Nov

We’re very excited to announce that Trifonic has a new album, Ninth Wave, dropping tomorrow!

In addition to the album tracks, we’re making a “Producer’s Edition” of Ninth Wave available as well that includes full audio stems of all the album tracks, exclusive production tutorial videos about the tracks, and Trifonic sample kits for you to use in your own tracks. The “Producer’s Edition” will be available exclusively on starting tomorrow.

Here’s a brief preview of some of the “Producer’s Edition” content. Enjoy!

Trifonic: Creating Compelling Pads (via Pyramind)

16 Aug

Jesus it’s been a long time since we’ve posted a video here… that’s what happens when you’re heads-down working on a new release. (!!!)

Anyway, this drought-buster comes via our friends at Pyramind.

In this video, Brian digs deep into using reverbs and creative effects channels to create compelling melodic pads from any sound… include something as cheesy as a Titanic-esque Celtic panflute.

Trifonic: Enhancing Your Tracks With Melodic Counterpoint

4 Oct

What do Bach, Stravinsky, and Trifonic have in common?

They all employ the technique of counterpoint to create kick-ass melodies and harmonies in their music.

In the video, Brian demonstrates how counterpoint works using examples from the Trifonic remix of Hecq’s With Angels.

Trifonic Interview with Electronic Creatives

26 Jan

This is a bit of a departure from our normal tutorial format, but Brian recently sat down with our good friend Laura Escudé of Electronic Creatives to discuss the upcoming Trifonic EP (tentatively titled “City of Refuge”), his thoughts on the production and creative process, and the future of hi-hats (or lack thereof), among other things.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the interview are below.

Trifonic: Using FM8s Morph Square to Create Sweet Leads

10 Jan

Building on some previous posts on FM synthesis (Pt. 1, Pt. 2, and Pt. 3), in this video Brian demonstrates how to use the Morph Square feature in FM8 to generate dynamic, rocking lead sounds.

Best of all, you can download the patch that Brian uses in the video below.

Also, if you like the drum sounds in the video, you can find the Wave Alchemy Drum Tools sample pack from whence they came here.

Trifonic: Layering Your Way to Awesome Bass Lines

24 Dec

Great sounds in electronic music often do not stem from one killer source. Rather, they result from blending many small elements into what becomes a singular sound.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how Trifonic applies a “call and response” layering technique to create bass lines using multiple bass tracks.

P.S. The music you hear in the video is from Trifonic’s remix of Hecq’s forthcoming track “With Angels.”