Giorgio Moroder: Getting Awesome in the Studio

27 Feb

Since we were too busy working on tracks this week to post a new Trifonic video, here’s a little edutainment (with an emphasis on the “tainment”) to tide you over… Hope to have a new tutorial for you next week!

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  • m^2 = EQ


    Think about all that gear that was needed to perform some basics sounds for nowadays. Now with a vocoder effect, some samples, or vst we can create a track from scratch.
    And also with just one program like ableton live!

    Anyways, it's amazing how did it become to the actual process.

    I find it very inspiring seeing old classics, from rock to jazz, and of course, electronic music.

    PS: I hope you could make a tutorial for the next week :)

  • NaviRetlav

    It reminds me very important questions.
    Can you help me with my problem ?

    I wish to “cut” some samples from old radio sci-fi shows from 50's
    Do you know how long sample I can cut ?
    I can cut only one sample from one episode or only one from entire series ?
    Can I even sell them in sample pack ?
    And what about old music from 20's Can I use it ?