Trifonic: Creating Your Own Multi-Sampled Instruments

20 Jan

In this video, Brian discusses the benefits of creating your own multi-sample instruments, and shows off a few of Trifonic’s own multi-sample creations.


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  • s0undc10ud

    Just amazing. especially this “voice pack” u created. its sooo lush!… Wish you could somehow share with us this kit.. hehe
    i always cant wait for the next tutorial
    Thank you for the time and effort!

  • orket

    process and behind the scenes setup like this is very informative. i would assume you always work with midi for external synths and ect. do you guys create multi-sample instruments for most of your external gear?

    would pay for these tutorials. keep them coming!

  • briantrifon

    Hey Orket, we create multi-sample instruments for most of our external gear. I have sample kits for our Roland SH-09, Roland Juno Alpha, …. I also have some kits of a simple Logic ES1 saw bass that I processed through an EMU E6400 Ultra… used it's “z-plane morphing filters” and sampled it back into Logic and made a really nice EXS24 kit. In addition to the external hardware, I make a lot of multi-sample kits from software synths too. I really like the reprocessed and re-sampled sound.

  • briantrifon

    thanks! Yeah that vocal sample kit is great. We use it all the time. I can't share it, but I highly suggest doing the same sort of thing on your own. If you can find someone with an interesting voice and get them to just sing out some long notes and short melodic phrases. Then pull out the good parts and map them out in EXS/Kontakt/etc and you'll have your own very useful, very unique vocal kit.

  • Torley

    I hadn't heard mention of “Z-plane morphing filters” in years! Thanx for bringing back memories, and continuing to share your studio savvy.

  • briantrifon

    I love the morphing filters on the EMU… best ever! Ableton's Sampler has a similar morph filter, but the EMU hardware does something special and musically pleasing to the sound that I haven't found in software, but Sampler comes pretty close and is muuuuch more convenient.

  • Ian

    I would love to see how you get an actual sound sample into EXS24!
    Like, here I have a nice mp3/wav and now I want it to play on C1 on my midi keyboard!
    How do I go about dropping the sample into that spot?
    Can I get it to transpose itself up for every consecutive octave?

  • briantrifon

    Hey Ian, thanks for the comment. Loading a single sample into EXS24 is very simple. Load an instance of EXS24, click the edit button to bring up the mapping editor and drag and drop the audio file from the arrangement or even the finder into the zone portion of the mapping editor. It will automatically create a zone the length of the entire keyboard with your sample. By default the root key (the note that it will play back at its original pitch/speed) is C3. Anyway, both EXS24, Kontakt, Structure etc make it very easy to drag and drop load samples. I definitely would suggest reading the manual about sample mapping and sample editing. Fortunately the EXS24 portion of the Logic manual is written well and clearly explained. Good luck!

  • danilo60

    Excelent!!! Tutorial Videos and Excelent!!! Music

    Felicitaciones!! from Buenos Aires Argentina.

  • Morphido

    Very interesting video too!
    I'm grad to see you use EXS24, powerful tool but with difficult interface. Sampler or Kontakt seems to be easier than EXS24.
    Thanks for share it! go ahead! :)

  • eddy

    Good tutorial. Please keep them coming.
    Is there any other useful video tutorials you can suggest?

  • Navi Retlav

    Nice tutorial.

    Btw. Trifonic have very awesome, unique bright and clear mastering.
    Can you show in next tutorial how to make similar mix setup and mastering ?

  • briantrifon

    thanks Navi! we don't do our own mastering, we used Roger Seibel at SAE mastering for 'Emergence' and Shawn Hatfield (aka Twerk) of for Remergence EP and Growing Distance Ep.

    It is pretty difficult to do short form video tutorials about mixing, but I'll consider the idea. In the meantime if you use PT at all I highly recommend checking out: 'Mixing & Mastering in Pro Tools 8' ( by my good friend Brian White.

  • Navi Retlav

    For music production I use Reason 4 + Record + My own VST plugin

    Oh, and If you need, I can do a CD cover Art for you :P
    Just check my fresh portfolio gallery ( )

  • muzic72

    Excellent Tutorial. I am a newbie and have not created a kit out of an external instrument. I would like to create a kit out of my Juno-109. Should I record each note that I want add to kit as an individual wave file
    and then map the wave files to the corresponding zone in the EXS24? How long should I hold each note?
    Hope I explained my self correctly. Would you consider making a tutorial on this subject?

    Thank you! – Ian S.

  • briantrifon

    Thanks! I would record each note for several seconds. It is probably easiest to record them all into one audio file with a second or so of silence between each new note. If you are using Logic 8 or earlier you'll want to cut each note into its own region, crop it appropriately and convert each region into new audio files (so each note is its own audio file.) Logic 9 makes it really easy… control click on the audio file and choose 'convert to new sampler instrument' and it automatically create an EXS24 instrument.

  • muzic72

    Brian thank you for your response.!! I really appreciate you taking time out of your schedule. Once again, Thank you.