Trifonic: Ninth Wave “Producer’s Edition” Preview

12 Nov

We’re very excited to announce that Trifonic has a new album, Ninth Wave, dropping tomorrow!

In addition to the album tracks, we’re making a “Producer’s Edition” of Ninth Wave available as well that includes full audio stems of all the album tracks, exclusive production tutorial videos about the tracks, and Trifonic sample kits for you to use in your own tracks. The “Producer’s Edition” will be available exclusively on starting tomorrow.

Here’s a brief preview of some of the “Producer’s Edition” content. Enjoy!

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  • Irish

    Very cool, looking forward to checking this out! I’m not very familiar with Logic. If one was to buy the producer’s edition, can the “devises” be broken down into their audio files so I could use them in another DAW like Ableton? Thanks!

  • briantrifon

    You definitely don’t need Logic. The instruments are in the Kontakt format as well so if you have NI Kontakt (v4 or higher) you can load the sample kits. They are also in the Reason NNXT format and Pro Tools Structure format.

  • Wojtek

    great sounds Brian. you delivered as always !

  • Nathan Story

    Seriously amazing work Brian! Hopefully my Protools class will let me play with these for classwork. :)

  • Greg Wells-King

    Fantastic, I listend to 9th Wave last night with head phones and felt I was been sucked through shapeshiffting portholes of music, I tutorials are fantastic, thanks Brian for giving up your secrets.