Trifonic: Remixing The M Machine

26 Aug

The M Machine’s Metropolis Remixed record is out today, and we’re very excited that it includes a Trifonic remix of their track “Black”!

In this video, Brian discusses how he approached the remix to play to his creative strengths, and demonstrates a few of the techniques used to create the track.

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  • Matthew

    Hi Brian, this is a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for posting it, there are a lot of great tips and new things to think about for my own productions. One question I have about your process is the bouncing of tracks down to audio and then arranging. Can you comment about the benefits of doing this and how it aids your creative process?

    At one point do you bounce down to audio, immediately or throughout arranging? If you bounce midi to audio melodies are set in stone… is it cumbersome to go back and add or adjust a melody.

    I ask because a large part of my creative process is writing melodies and constantly editing them as the song ‘breathes’ into life. Furthermore, I typically adjust the timbre of the synth during mixdown to better fit the song…. which would create a bit of a problem if I bounced to audio early on.

    Thanks again for posting this wonderful tutorial.


  • briantrifon

    Thanks! Yes, I like to get a rough layout of the whole piece happening before I bounce to audio and start chopping. However I do bounce to audio relatively early in the creative process. If I need to go back and change a note on an instrument — I’ll just pull up the unbounced instrument, change the note and reprint it. Or I’ll just add a new instrument track to my session which is mainly audio and add in whatever is needed.

    With this remix I recorded mostly live instruments (guitars, viola etc) so it was already audio files. Bottom line I can work better and faster if I can eliminate options. I rarely need to go back and reprint something, I try to make things work and adapt the music to the materials that I have.

  • plurgid

    I know you’re not trying to emphasize your slicing skillz but I have to say that your glitched acoustic guitar is really pretty sweet, bro. I’d love some insight into your slicing technique … this doesn’t sound like a stutteredit preset to me … sounds like you’re up to something genuinely interesting.

  • Kapil

    Hi Brian, I really enjoyed your guitar playing. The guitar sounds really rich and plays a huge role in the way the track sounds. What microphone and miking technique do you generally prefer?

    As always, keep up the great work. Cheers!