Welcome to Next Step Audio!

29 Dec

What’s Next Step Audio?
It’s an electronic music production blog run by Trifonic.

And I care because…?
Next Step Audio provides real-world, practical advice and in-depth video tutorials for producing electronic music. We’ll show you exactly how we make our bass sounds, program our beats, and much much more.

That sounds pretty sweet.
Thanks! We hope you find our tutorials useful. You might want to subscribe to our rss feed so you don’t miss anything. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Steven Nguyen

    I am very excited that you guys started this! Ever since I was introduced to your music, I've fallen in love with the excellent fusion of melody and beat.

  • tengounproyecto

    i really appreciate your work and generosity. thank you for share.

  • Greg

    Hey, yeah, well done. The world needs more of this sort of thing. Thanks!

  • uberlab

    great production class vids from a class act. thanks guys.

  • briantrifon

    thanks! we'll keep the tutorials and posts coming!

  • emile

    great stuff

  • Dan

    Brilliant thanks very much for doing this. I know it takes time out of your day. But any knowledge you can share will be indispensable. Dan

  • briantrifon

    Hey Dan, we are excited to share the knowledge we have and very happy with the positive response so far. Thanks for the support!