Trifonic: Editing Beats – Part 1

30 Dec

In this video, Brian Trifon demonstrates some of Trifonic’s techniques for chopping up a beat loop, creating stutter edits, and making glitch effects.


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  • strom

    Cool Video, thx a lot! Could be much improved when using a normalize function for your voice and using a voice over compressor ;-)

  • LT

    Thanks, and fair point – the audio is a little quiet. :)

  • Sean

    Fantastic tutorial…I've been using Logic for a while but I'm still terrible at fine audio editing. This gives me new hope! I was wondering also where I could get the exact Amen audio sample you use in the tutorial so I can practice along with you. Thanks!

  • samgreene

    Enjoyed the videos.

    While trying out a few of these techniques, I dug up the 'Create two nodes at region border' and mapped it to alt-m. Less clicking is always good…especially with the damn nodes.

  • klowne

    Not sure if it still is but it used to be available on Wikipedia (search for the amen break).

  • theabledanger

    What other DAWs have this style of audio clip chopping? I can't seem to emulate this process in Ableton or FL Studio.

  • strom

    @thebledanger: I'm using Samplitude with a pleasure (look for Samplitude SE in audio/keyboard magazines). To trim several objects with one mouse click you have to press the “Alt” key while shorten the object length or setting a fade. Sadly the grid is deactivated temporarily when pressing the “Alt” key.
    When using Samplitude “standard” or Samplitude Professional it's a real cool thing to divert the “Object Freeze” feature from it's use – first freeze the object, then edit within the freezed Object via context menu.

  • jp

    hey where can i get an amen break sample like that? killer tutorials keep em coming please!!