Trifonic: Multi-Band Rhythmic Gating in Logic

27 Jan

Multi-band frequency filtering is a great way to add rhythmic gating patterns to your leads, pads, and other sounds.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how multi-band filtering works using Logic.

If you’re interested in exploring the subject further, make sure to also check out Trifonic’s previous video on rhythmic gating in Ableton Live.

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  • dAb

    That is very cool. Thank you! :)

  • Kristoff K.

    Fantastic technique! Can't believe how happy I am, when I've managed to recreate this thing in Cubase SX3! Cool things can be done, when applying this trick to some granular clouds (from e.g. GrainSynth in Reaktor 5).

    Despite what you've mentioned me, the Emergence album was delivered to Poland without any additional fees or customs.

  • plurgid

    Wow, that's a cool idea. You guys should put together a Logic Techniques DVD, I'd totally buy it.

  • ixemul

    love your videos — brilliant techniques. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Maize

    Good video; sending the sound to multiple busses and processing each bus differently is fantastic in many ways other than even just gating. (I like splitting a sound by different frequency bands and distorting or bitcrushing them each differently to create really truly textured distortions.) One suggestion I might have for making the blog more useful would be that any time you mention plugins that aren't part of the fundamental suite of the tool you're using (Logic, whatever), maybe you could provide in the blog post links to those plugins' websites?

  • briantrifon

    Definitely a great idea to do with distortions/bit-crushing. I really admire izotope's Trash and Ohmboy's ohmicide because of their multi-band distortion capabilities. Sinevibe's site for Gateboy is: Also worth checking out for gating and other incredible fx: and

  • briantrifon

    Thanks for the support!

  • briantrifon

    Awesome! I haven't tried this technique with grain clouds, but I imagine there are fantastic possibilities. Can't wait to try that myself :)

  • Artemiy

    Very nice tutorial, Brian! It's also an honor for me to see Gateboy used in such an interesting configuration. BTW, one tip, you can set all Gateboy patterns to different length (not 16 steps but less), and thus have an ever-changing modulation going on.

  • Morphido

    I'm extremely impressed about how you can develop this “logical” tricks in Logic. You use a very basic principles which probably we know but we never can see through (in production creative process subject).

    +1 more again for this kind idea!

    Cheers from Spain

  • Sean

    Very cool…I'll have to check out that Gateboy plugin, looks pretty useful. Thanks!

  • briantrifon

    Thanks for making Gateboy Artemiy :D Good idea about the varying the number of steps, I'll definitely try that.

  • briantrifon

    Awesome, thanks!

  • Craig GP

    Another wonderful tutorial: clear, useful, showing several ways to achieve results. Thanks for what you do here.

  • HS

    great stuff, really helpful keep em coming:)

  • Dan

    Great tutorial. Please keep it up.


    hey hey_another cool vid for the kids :)
    Im looking forward to some tips on how you write, manipulate and process beats, with busses,fx,etc….
    Ive noticed your beats are well wikked in some of your tracks and would love to see how you achieve the subtleties and grunt all at once.
    Mixdown tips are also really useful for getting that final render sounding sweet.
    Im interested in how you, and other producers out there do it, cos we all seem to have our strange little ways of achieving this.
    Cheers again and Im stayin tuned.


  • Simon Revill

    Hey man – really enjoying these tutorials and thanks for taking the time out to make them. Keep them coming. I would like to do some of my own videos on Logic/Guitar lessons for Youtube and stuff – can you tell me what piece of software you are using to video all this? I like the look of it – its high quality viewing. The extra scrren for your face is cool as well. Thanks