Trifonic: Creating Compelling Pads (via Pyramind)

16 Aug

Jesus it’s been a long time since we’ve posted a video here… that’s what happens when you’re heads-down working on a new release. (!!!)

Anyway, this drought-buster comes via our friends at Pyramind.

In this video, Brian digs deep into using reverbs and creative effects channels to create compelling melodic pads from any sound… include something as cheesy as a Titanic-esque Celtic panflute.

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  • None13

    happy to see you didn’t abandon this!

  • Ovaltine Vortex

    Great tutorial. I really appreciate the upload and I’m looking forward to hearing more sounds from you soon!

  • briantrifon

    more sounds coming soon :)

  • briantrifon

    cheers! I need like 3 of me to get everything done each day and stay on top of the blog etc. I’m not abandoning it though. More to come soon!

  • Wolfen Hunt

    Hey Brian, just wanted to say just how HUGE of a fan I am of you and your brother’s work! I’ve never heard anything like Parks on Fire that’s connected to me at such a deep level; seeing videos like this shows just how much love and care you put into your work!
    Keep up the good work, Trifonic!

  • RupertBrown

    Awesome stuff, cant wait to buy some new Trifonic!