Giorgio Moroder: Getting Awesome in the Studio

27 Feb

Since we were too busy working on tracks this week to post a new Trifonic video, here’s a little edutainment (with an emphasis on the “tainment”) to tide you over… Hope to have a new tutorial for you next week!

Trifonic: FM Synthesis 101

18 Feb

FM synthesis is an essential technique for electronic musicians that can be used to create all types of lead, bass, and other synth sounds.

Here, Brian demonstrates the basic principles of FM synthesis using FM8.

Trifonic: Sound Design – How to Create Telephone Sounds

9 Feb

If you compose for film, commercials, or video games, sound design skills are useful to have. But even if you never plan to work on those types of projects, practicing sound design will enhance your understanding of and ability to create audio, which in turn will make you a better producer.

In this video, Brian shows how to recreate some of the most ubiquitous sounds in the world – the classic telephone dial tone and ring – with sine waves. Brian uses Native Instruments’ FM8 synthesizer in his demonstration, but the techniques he uses are applicable to any similar synth.

Trifonic: Using Flex Time and Groove Templates in Logic 9

5 Feb

If you’ve spent any time programming beats, you know that getting a track to groove just right isn’t always easy in the digital world. Perhaps, from time to time, you’ve tried to rip off emulate a great beat in someone else’s song, but found that you couldn’t quite capture the same feel…

If that’s the case, you may want to check out the Flex Time tool in Logic 9.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how you can use Flex Time to study a beat you love and create a similar groove of your own.

Trifonic: Multi-Band Rhythmic Gating in Logic

27 Jan

Multi-band frequency filtering is a great way to add rhythmic gating patterns to your leads, pads, and other sounds.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how multi-band filtering works using Logic.

If you’re interested in exploring the subject further, make sure to also check out Trifonic’s previous video on rhythmic gating in Ableton Live.

Trifonic: Creating Your Own Multi-Sampled Instruments

20 Jan

In this video, Brian discusses the benefits of creating your own multi-sample instruments, and shows off a few of Trifonic’s own multi-sample creations.


Trifonic: Rhythmic Gating in Ableton Live

14 Jan

In this video, Brian demonstrates how to use “dummy clips” in Ableton Live to create automated gated patterns and add interesting, complex rhythms to your pads or lead sounds.


Trifonic: When Is A Song Done?

13 Jan

One question Trifonic gets a lot is, How do you know when a song is done?

In this video, Brian discusses how deadlines, artistic vision, and technical abilities all play a role in determining when a track is “done.”

What about you – how do you know when your tracks (or other creative projects) are finished? How do you decide whether to stop working or keep refining? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Trifonic: Bass Filter Modulation and Layering

6 Jan

In this video, Brian talks about Trifonic’s technique for creating big, wobbly bass sounds. You can download the bass patch that Brian demos here from the Next Step Audio home page.

Trifonic: Editing Beats – Part 2

30 Dec

Brian continues his discussion on drum programming in this video. He demonstrates Trifonic’s method for time-stretching to create special effects and glitchy awesomeness.

Make sure to check out Part 1 if you haven’t already.