Trifonic: Sound Design – Pitch Sweeping FX

7 May

In this video, Brian demonstrates how to transform any audio sample – he starts with a friggin’ harmonica riff – into a THX-style pitch sweep sound.

This technique is useful for creating transitions and other sound effect elements in your tracks. And, of course, for impressing the ladies.

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  • midlandmusic

    great way to start my saturday afternoon sound design! i was thinking of using this speed up/slow down effect on vocals as well. cheers mate – yet another great trifonic tutorial!

  • emeidos


  • Milan K

    aaaaaaah..great tutorial Brian!!! Thank you so much!!!! Keep up great work ;)

  • briantrifon

    Cool! thanks :)

  • briantrifon

    Speed up slow down FX works great on vocals. It is possible to get Ligeti (composer, his music was used in 2001: Space Odyssey) like vocal textures by having notes slowly pitch away from a starting note.

  • RupertBrown

    This is really cool, thanks a lot!

  • luke

    Wicked tutorial. Thanks!

  • Vanhaze

    Thank you for , again, a wonderful and very usefull tut !