Trifonic: FM Synthesis 101 (Continued)

9 Mar

Brian continues his discussion on FM synthesis, demonstrating how to create complex bass and lead sounds using FM8.

(Make sure to check out Brian’s first episode on FM synthesis if you haven’t already).

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  • TeeDub

    Maybe it's just my screwy work browser, but this movie seems broken. When I click the Play button, I just get blackness.

  • jamezz

    Very eye opening and instructional tutorials, keep them coming please, thank you!

    I see that it's very useful to see the waveform in realtime – can anybody recommend me a vst that I can use in Live for that purpose?

  • briantrifon

    thanks! This is the vst/au scope I use: It is freeware/donationware …it is great! Donate to Bram!

  • briantrifon

    I think it is your browser, as it works for me and seems to for other viewers so far. does it work with a different browser?

  • emeidos

    Once again another good tutorial Brian – thanks

  • JD

    Wonderful stuff! Oddly I was thinking about your first FM tutorial this morning and BAM! Here's another one! Please keep these coming Brian, they're great!

  • beldragim

    Nice one! Brilliant tutorial as usual ;)

  • Wojtek

    thx as usual great tutorial

  • briantrifon

    awesome thanks!

  • briantrifon

    Glad to hear it! There is at least one more FM tutorial in the works and of course lots of other material as well!

  • Milan K

    Thank you very much, Brian .. Great tutorial, again :)

    (btw. I can't login via facebook..It says that is under construction (!?) )

  • benny

    good stuff thnx a lot
    keem them coming