Trifonic: FM Synthesis 101

18 Feb

FM synthesis is an essential technique for electronic musicians that can be used to create all types of lead, bass, and other synth sounds.

Here, Brian demonstrates the basic principles of FM synthesis using FM8.

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  • inaudible

    top video

  • orket

    great breakdown. would love to get another on FM at some point.

  • briantrifon

    Thanks! I plan to do a more in depth FM tutorial soon.

  • BettyLoop

    Excelent! I'd love to see more of this soon! :)

  • joao ricardo

    great but mine seems to be a werdly different. but yeah…sweet

  • Sean

    I never really understood FM Synthesis, but this helped a lot. Thanks!

  • Simon Revill

    great stuff keep it going

  • Stas

    That would be great! I'm sure this video helped a lot of people, but personally, I'd wish for something more advanced on FM.

  • plurgid

    Hey, thank you for posting this!
    I'd really like to learn more about synthesis … I love your tutorials, but I can't learn it all this way ;-)
    Do you have any books that you recommend?

  • briantrifon

    Hmm I can't think of any books off of the top of my head, but there are some great synthesis articles that used to be in Sound On Sound magazine. Also some of the university sites have a lot of information. This site provides some of the theoretical background on FM and tons of useful info about Carrier to Modulator ratio's.

  • briantrifon

    thanks! Definitely will carry on :)

  • briantrifon

    awesome! Glad to hear it

  • emeidos

    Curtis Roads – The Computer Music Tutorial is a mammoth text on all things computer music. All different types of synthesis methods are discussed within..

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