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Trifonic: Using FM8s Morph Square to Create Sweet Leads

10 Jan

Building on some previous posts on FM synthesis (Pt. 1, Pt. 2, and Pt. 3), in this video Brian demonstrates how to use the Morph Square feature in FM8 to generate dynamic, rocking lead sounds.

Best of all, you can download the patch that Brian uses in the video below.

Also, if you like the drum sounds in the video, you can find the Wave Alchemy Drum Tools sample pack from whence they came here.

Trifonic: Creating Twisted Leads with EXS24 in Logic

31 Oct

In previous posts, Brian has shown how to bring the nasty using Massive, Malstrom, and other tools.

This time, Brian demonstrates some of Trifonic’s techniques for creating filthy bass and lead sounds using Logic’s EXS24 in combination with the old-school hardware sampler, EMu E6400.

If you don’t use Logic and don’t plan on purchasing an EMu unit, fear not – the principles here are surely applicable to whatever you’ve got in your studio…

Trifonic: Synthesis with Sculpture in Logic Pro

10 Sep

Sculpture, the physical modeling synth in Apple’s Logic Pro, is one of the most powerful and unique synths available. It’s also one of the most intimidating to use.

Thankfully, Brian has created a video in which he breaks down the mysteries of this complex and impressive tool, demonstrating how to use Sculpture’s multiple parameters to create strong, unique lead sounds.

(For you Trifonic fan out there, Sculpture was a driving force behind the track Parks On Fire).

Trifonic: Multi-Band Rhythmic Gating in Logic

27 Jan

Multi-band frequency filtering is a great way to add rhythmic gating patterns to your leads, pads, and other sounds.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how multi-band filtering works using Logic.

If you’re interested in exploring the subject further, make sure to also check out Trifonic’s previous video on rhythmic gating in Ableton Live.

Trifonic: Rhythmic Gating in Ableton Live

14 Jan

In this video, Brian demonstrates how to use “dummy clips” in Ableton Live to create automated gated patterns and add interesting, complex rhythms to your pads or lead sounds.