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Trifonic: Creating Compelling Pads (via Pyramind)

16 Aug

Jesus it’s been a long time since we’ve posted a video here… that’s what happens when you’re heads-down working on a new release. (!!!)

Anyway, this drought-buster comes via our friends at Pyramind.

In this video, Brian digs deep into using reverbs and creative effects channels to create compelling melodic pads from any sound… include something as cheesy as a Titanic-esque Celtic panflute.

Trifonic: Making Pads with Spectral Dronemaker

3 Jul

In this video, Brian demonstrates how to make excellent pad sounds using the free spectral processing plug-in Spectral Dronemaker by composer Michael Norris.

Spectral Dronemaker is one of Trifonic’s favorite tools, and (as Brian discusses) it was used most recently to create sounds for their remix of Hybrid’s track Can You Hear Me.