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Trifonic: Using FM8s Morph Square to Create Sweet Leads

10 Jan

Building on some previous posts on FM synthesis (Pt. 1, Pt. 2, and Pt. 3), in this video Brian demonstrates how to use the Morph Square feature in FM8 to generate dynamic, rocking lead sounds.

Best of all, you can download the patch that Brian uses in the video below.

Also, if you like the drum sounds in the video, you can find the Wave Alchemy Drum Tools sample pack from whence they came here.

Trifonic: Layering Your Way to Awesome Bass Lines

24 Dec

Great sounds in electronic music often do not stem from one killer source. Rather, they result from blending many small elements into what becomes a singular sound.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how Trifonic applies a “call and response” layering technique to create bass lines using multiple bass tracks.

P.S. The music you hear in the video is from Trifonic’s remix of Hecq’s forthcoming track “With Angels.”

Trifonic: Synthesis with Sculpture in Logic Pro

10 Sep

Sculpture, the physical modeling synth in Apple’s Logic Pro, is one of the most powerful and unique synths available. It’s also one of the most intimidating to use.

Thankfully, Brian has created a video in which he breaks down the mysteries of this complex and impressive tool, demonstrating how to use Sculpture’s multiple parameters to create strong, unique lead sounds.

(For you Trifonic fan out there, Sculpture was a driving force behind the track Parks On Fire).

Trifonic: Synthesis with NIs Massive – Part 2

3 Aug

Brian continues his discussion on Native Instruments’ Massive, demonstrating how to use the performance editor and filters to make sweet bass sounds.

(Make sure to check out Part 1 if you haven’t already.)

Trifonic: Synthesis with NI’s Massive – Part 1

28 May

Native Instruments’ Massive synth is a great tool for creating nasty, rocking bass and lead sounds.

In this video Brian demonstrates the basics of using Massive’s oscillators, filters, and other features. He also shows how to enhance your Massive sounds using plug-ins like Transformer.

Trifonic: Graintable Synthesis with Malstrom

9 Apr

Graintable synthesis? Huh?

Reason’s Malstrom synth combines granular synthesis and wavetable synthesis to allow for all kinds of modulation awesomeness.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how to use Malstrom to create rich bass and other synth sounds.

P.S. Trifonic is hosting a music production master class on Saturday, April 24th in San Francisco. If you’re in the area, or know someone who is, tickets are available here. Hope you can join us for 5 hours of production geek-out!

Trifonic: FM Synthesis Basics Pt 3

23 Mar

Brian is back one more gin to break down how FM synthesis works. In this episode he demonstrates how to create a guitar-like feedback sound using FM8 and the principles of FM synthesis.

(Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already…)

Trifonic: FM Synthesis 101 (Continued)

9 Mar

Brian continues his discussion on FM synthesis, demonstrating how to create complex bass and lead sounds using FM8.

(Make sure to check out Brian’s first episode on FM synthesis if you haven’t already).

Trifonic: FM Synthesis 101

18 Feb

FM synthesis is an essential technique for electronic musicians that can be used to create all types of lead, bass, and other synth sounds.

Here, Brian demonstrates the basic principles of FM synthesis using FM8.